Shaping the Future of Sustainability and Elevating Student Voices at Connecticut College

Planted right by the Horizon House Admissions building at Connecticut College is a Smartflower, welcoming all students, staff, and visitors to campus. Installed in November 2023, the Smartflower provides power to the nearby Woodworth House building and is a visual representation of Connecticut College’s dedication to renewable energy and elevating student voices. The Smartflower project […]

Solving Conventional Problems with Unconventional Solutions: The Smartflowers at OMIC R&D

Installed in early 2023, three Smartflowers stand tall at the entrance of the Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center (OMIC R&D), a research facility dedicated to collaborative research on advanced manufacturing technologies and processes in Scappoose, Oregon. Collectively, the three Smartflowers provide power to the Additive Innovation Center, OMIC R&D’s newest building, which aims to put Oregon […]

Making the Invisible Visible: Reaching Net-Zero at Buckley Elementary School

It’s hard to miss the first net-zero public school in Connecticut. Located in Manchester, Connecticut, community members and passers-by alike can instantly point out Buckley Elementary School: Look for the Smartflower blooming at the entrance! The renovate-as-new project was completed in late 2022 and was designed and overseen by the architectural design firm TSKP Studio. […]

Surfing on Sunshine-Powered Waves at The Wave

Bristol is known for its historical architecture, being the hometown of world-famous graffiti artist Banksy, and being the United Kingdom’s only European Green Capital Award winner. But did you know it’s also home to The Wave, an inland surfing destination powered by 100% renewable energy? As part of a £3.2 million project funded by the […]

SmartFlower Solar donates 50 lithium ion energy storage batteries to Sunflower of Peace to help mitigate electricity disruptions in Ukraine

  (Boston, MA) January 2023 – On January 13, 2023, SmartFlower Solar will donate 50 lithium ion energy storage batteries to Sunflower of Peace. The purpose of this donation is to help alleviate the challenges the Ukrainian people experience due to Russia’s continuous attacks on civilian energy infrastructure during the cold winter months. The donated […]

2 Smartflowers and 900 Solar Panels: Alden Court Puts Renewable Energy Front and Center

Located in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, the Alden Court Nursing Care & Rehabilitation Center is one of the first nursing homes in Massachusetts to make the switch to sustainable energy. Two Smartflowers bloom at the front of the nursing home, a symbol of Alden Court’s active effort to focus on its sustainability initiatives and to pursue a […]

EWE Drives the Energy Revolution Forward with Smartflower at Tante Mia Tanzt

Amongst a sea of festival-goers dancing to the best electro music Germany can offer stands a Smartflower, its petals open and facing the sun, generating clean solar energy at one of the country’s larger electro festivals. One of the sponsors of the 2022 Tante Mia Tanzt festival in Vechta, Germany, utility and telecommunications company EWE […]

Fujikin Brings Smartflower Technology to Tsukuba Advanced Research Center

The first Smartflowers in Japan stand tall at Fujikin’s Tsukuba Advanced Research Center in Tsukuba, Japan, as part of its goal to develop the most environmentally-friendly factory in the city and to highlight its goal of advancing technology. Four of the five Smartflowers can be found at the entrance of the research center, while the […]

GomunoInaki Invests in Sustainable Development with Innovative Smartflower Solar Solution

A leading-edge solution to provide clean energy for the community and to bring sustainability to their larger society.     NAGOYA, JAPAN. (July 21, 2022) – GomunoInaki, a Japanese global trading company with R&D functions that specializes in supplying rubber/plastic goods to automotive, housing, home appliances, office infrastructure, and medical industries, installed a Smartflower at their headquarters […]

Valverbe Shines Bright in Varaita Valley with Smartflower

Located in the alpine Varaita Valley in Italy, the herbal tea company Valverbe prides itself on balancing ancient herbal traditions with advanced research into new production technologies. Earlier in the spring of 2022, Valverbe welcomed its first Smartflower at its headquarters, installed by Italian dealer Im-El Osasio. The Smartflower provides power to Valverbe’s electric vehicles […]

Feel AMPowered Wins First Place with Smartflower Solution at 2021 MIT EnergyHack

At this year’s 2021 MIT EnergyHack, over 300 engineers and MBA students from around the world gathered virtually and in-person to develop innovative solutions for pressing needs relating to the energy industry and climate change. As a Sustainability Circle sponsor, Smartflower CEO Jim Gordon gave a rousing keynote speech and presented a challenge statement for […]

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology Makes an Investment in Knowledge with Two Smartflowers

Benjamin Franklin once wrote that “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest,” and what is a more appropriate investment for our future than training students for a career in green energy? The Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology (BFIT) installed two Smartflowers on their campus courtyard in the Fall of 2020. The courtyard, located in […]

First Ward Park Combines Air and Sun with Smartflower

Mecklenburg County in North Carolina believes in leading by example when it comes to environmental sustainability. Its Environmental Leadership Policy, passed in 2004, states that they will “conserve and protect our air, water, and land resources, become a model of environmental stewardship for local governments, business and industry in our region, and use and apply […]

Smartflowers Come into Bloom at Franklin Park Zoo

Zoo New England is an organization dedicated to creating engaging experiences to inspire people to protect and sustain the natural world for future generations. It is no surprise, then, that it installed two Smartflowers at its Franklin Park Zoo location! The flowers are located near the Butterfly Hollow and Giraffe Savannah exhibits and all generated […]

Smartflower Helps Customers Drive Clean at the Green Clean Auto Spa

Nestled in the city of Jacksonville, North Carolina is the Green Clean Auto Spa, an eco-friendly alternative car wash dedicated to providing superior customer service, community involvement, and environmental stewardship. A Smartflower was installed at the car wash in the Winter of 2020 and generates power for their operations.     John Hunter, the owner […]

88 Black Falcon Pier Makes Waves with Smartflower

With its ocean sunsets, rich maritime history, and unique blend of longstanding waterfront-dependent industrial users, next-generation lab, life science, and office spaces, 88 Black Falcon Pier provides a unique working environment for both marine industrial and leading innovation economy tenants in Boston, Massachusetts. Located in Boston’s bustling Seaport District, the building is a fascinating mix […]

Bringing Form and Function to Wolf Creek Ranch with Smartflower

With its large aspen groves, roaming wildlife, and vast winding rivers, the Wolf Creek Ranch in Heber, Utah is a welcome reminder of how majestic Mother Nature can be. But being a natural retreat from the modern world does not mean that it cannot have modern solutions. Two Smartflowers were recently installed at one of […]

Enerjisa Üretim Brings Smartflower to the Sabancı Holding Headquarters In Turkey

Enerjisa Üretim is the leading electricity generation and trade company in Turkey. They generate energy from a variety of sources at 21 different power plants across the country and firmly believe that clean energy is the best way to invest in the future. With their sustainability goals and renewable energy portfolio in mind, it’s no […]

Inspiring and Educating Future Generations, One Smartflower at a Time

The first residential Smartflower in Massachusetts was installed with future generations in mind. Located in Dover, Massachusetts, Jake and Elizabeth Grossman installed the Smartflower back in the fall of 2017 with the intent to use it as an educational tool for their children. The Smartflower currently powers the house and acts as a visual reminder […]

Multiutility Iren Group Embraces Renewable Energy with Smartflower in Turin, Italy

Iren Group, a multiutility company based in Italy, installed their first Smartflower at their Torino Nord Cogeneration Plant in August 2020. The installation was done by Italian dealer Im-El Osasio, an electric utility company based in Osasio, Italy with 45 years of experience. Iren Group’s Smartflower reflects the mission and philosophy of the company, who […]

Renewable Energy with a Lot of Heart and a Smartflower

When people think of Doctors Mark and Barbara Galantowicz, they think of well-respected medical professionals who are passionate about children’s healthcare, who have saved countless lives, and who continue to inspire many more. What people may not know, though, is that Mark and Barbara are also strong advocates for sustainable living. They installed a Smartflower […]

Can a Smartflower Installed at a Kansas Zoo Help Primates in Madagascar?

A Smartflower can now be spotted at the Lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City, Kansas, and is the very first in the state! The flower, installed earlier this month, is located directly behind the Primate Forest – Lemurs! exhibit in the zoo and provides power to the primate building. Any excess electricity produced is redirected […]

Halcyon Arts Lab Shows Their Community What a Clean Energy Future Looks Like with Smartflower

A Smartflower was installed at the Halcyon Arts Lab in Washington DC earlier this year. The unit provides power to the Halcyon Arts Lab, which is located on the site of the historic Fillmore School that was built in 1893 and demonstrates their commitment to being on the forefront of clean, renewable energy.     […]

Maglebo Vineyard Embraces Both Nature and Technology with Two New Smartflowers

Two Smartflowers were recently installed at the Maglebo Vineyard & Country House in Helsinge, Denmark. The vineyard is both eco-friendly and self-sustainable and contains not just a Bed and Breakfast, but also a fruit and vegetable garden that grows produce like potatoes, oats, and other vegetables, as well as a 4-hectare forest. The two new […]

Flower Power Comes to Marietta With Cobb EMC’s New Solar Flower Garden

A new and innovative Solar Flower Garden was unveiled on the Cobb EMC Corporate Campus in Marietta, Georgia back in June 2020. The garden contains three Smartflowers and is part of Cobb EMC’s ongoing campus microgrid and sustainability project, Project Solarbe. Peter Heintzelman, the CEO of Cobb EMC, was the catalyst who brought Smartflower to […]

The First Smartflowers in Boston Bloom in Assembly Row

SOMERVILLE, Mass. (August 6, 2020) – SmartFlower Solar, the Boston-based solar company behind the award-winning Smartflower, introduced its first multi-unit Smartflower installation in Massachusetts at Assembly Row, the growing neighborhood just minutes from downtown Boston. This multi-unit installation is one of many planned installations in Boston, inspiring a clean energy future within the community. SmartFlower Solar has […]

Denmark’s First Publicly Owned Smartflower Blooms on 100% Renewable Samsø Island

Denmark’s first publicly owned Smartflower was installed on Samsø Island earlier this year in May and has been blooming ever since. The Smartflower was installed right in front of the office of the Mayor of Samsø Island, Marcel Meijer, and provides power to the island. Given Samsø Island’s reputation as a model renewable energy island, […]

The Taiwan Cement Company Gives Back to Their Community with the First Smartflower Installation in Taiwan

Earlier this year, three Smartflowers were installed at the Taiwan Cement Corporation’s DAKA Open Ecological Recycling Factory (otherwise known as TCC DAKA) in Hualien, Taiwan, making it the very first Smartflower installation in Taiwan! The three Smartflowers supply clean, renewable electricity to the Vision House and signboard at the main gate of the TCC DAKA […]

The Palm Beach Pickle Company Makes Green Pickles Truly ‘Green’ with Smartflower

Picture this: It’s 2017. Bobby Weir from the Grateful Dead is auctioning his autographed Tesla Model S at the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Gala Auction. You really like the Grateful Dead. So, you go to the gala because you really want to see Bobby’s Tesla, and you see this beautiful solar flower on display that you […]

Smartflower Spends its Fourth Year with Enel Chile

The Smartflower at Enel Chile was installed back in 2015 and is still blooming brightly. During the 4 years it has been installed, the Smartflower has been lauded as an architectural icon that acts as a visual representation of Enel Chile’s sustainable initiatives, and as a first step towards their larger sustainability journey. Enel Chile […]

The King Juan Carlos University in Madrid Commits to Sustainability and Cost Savings with Smartflower

The Smartflower at the King Juan Carlos University.   The King Juan Carlos University (URJC), located in Madrid, Spain, is making huge strides to showcase its commitment to sustainability. Their commitment comes not only in the form of conventional renewable energy production and energy-efficient classrooms, but also in the form of Spain’s first Smartflower installed […]

Smartflower Solar Unveils the Smartflower +Plus Integrated Battery Storage System, at Solar Power International

The new integrated battery storage system from SmartFlower Solar, the Smartflower +Plus, will be debuting at Solar Power International today.   BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS (September 24, 2019) – SmartFlower Solar will be debuting their new integrated battery storage system, the Smartflower +Plus, today at Solar Power International (SPI) in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Smartflower +Plus […]

Trinity High School Uses Smartflowers to Support Students and Community

Trinity High School believes in using technology to address and solve real-world problems, which is why they installed three Smartflowers on their campus in Washington, Pennsylvania earlier this spring. The Trinity Area School District received funding from the Local Share Account (LSA) grant that provided a way to purchase their very own Smartflowers as well […]

Smartflower Brings Power to Tivoli Friheden in Denmark

Tivoli Friheden is a well-known amusement park located right in the heart of Aarhus, Denmark, which not only added a new amusement called the ‘Hjertekig’, a 65-meter free-fall tower, but also installed the world’s first all-in-one solar flower as part of their sustainability initiatives. The Smartflower powers the fountain in ‘The Green Square’, a newly […]

Smartflower Blooms for the First Time on UNC’s Campus

A Smartflower has recently been installed on the front lawn of the César Chávez Cultural Center in the University of Northern Colorado (UNC). It provides 2,500 watts of power to meet the majority of the center’s needs. The students at UNC were the driving force behind this decision, as their Student Leadership for Environmental Action […]

Carlsberg brings the Smartflower to Roskilde Festival

This year, Northern Europe’s biggest music festival, Roskilde Festival, not only welcomes performers like Bob Dylan, MØ, Wu Tang Clan and The Cure, but also Smartflower, the world’s only solar solution to use an all-in-one, sculptural design and intelligent solution to produce clean, sustainable energy. Christian Sveigaard, Head of Tuborg in Denmark, had this to […]

East Gwillimbury Canada and Smartflower

Nu NRG Group, our Canadian Strategic Partner is proud to announce a significant Municipal Project, first of its kind in Canada. Nu NRG, as part of an ongoing initiative with Green Earth Village (Near Zero Community) are proud to be a part of the unveiling of the Smartflower at the East Gwillimbury Civic Centre. The […]

Aspen East in Killington VT Debuts Their New Smartflower

This past November, Aspen East installed a new attraction outside its shop on Route 4 in Killington: the Smartflower – solar panels that expand (“bloom”) each morning at sunrise, rotate to follow the sun throughout the day, then retract at dusk. Aspen East is the second location in Vermont to have a smartflower. Green Mountain […]

It’s Patriot’s Day in Boston and We’re Helping Out Fort Benning

Today is Patriots Day in Boston. It also feels like spring as its getting warmer and raining. Good luck to the runner’s in the Boston Marathon too. The primary event associated with Patriots Day is the Boston Marathon, which will be run for the 123rd time in 2019. The oldest continuously held annual marathon in […]

Watch Smartflower on This Old House

Do you have questions about the importance of solar? Ever wonder how Smartflower can help reduce or eliminate your energy costs? Find out now on Ask This Old House, and watch the Smartflower in action!  

Flower power to generate energy at Detroit Zoo

The Detroit Zoo has installed a 16-by-16-foot flower-shaped solar energy system in another move toward environmental sustainability. The all-in-one ground-mounted smartflower, the Detroit Zoological Society announced, can generate 40 percent more energy than a traditional solar panel system, and it cleans itself twice a day from dust, snow and other particles. The zoo also recently built manure-generated power facility […]

This Flower-Shaped Solar Panel Can Power Your Entire Home captures the smartflower perfectly, writing that it is “remarkably self-sufficient” and has the ability to “revolutionize the way we harness and use energy in our homes”. Their characterization of the smartflower couldn’t be more spot on. SmartFlower Solar’s mission is to provide more homeowners, as well as schools, businesses and municipalities the ability to produce […]

Smartflower Solar Power is Putting a Twist on ‘Petal’ Power says we’re “putting a twist on ‘petal’ power” and they’re right! In addition to being an ideal solution for those whom rooftop solar is not feasible, the smartflower is also a beautiful piece of architecture. Its elegant design is one of the key motivators in a customer’s purchase decision and visibly communicates one’s commitment to […]

Flower-Shaped Solar Panel Follows the Sun keys into the smartflower’s most well-known smart feature — “smart tracking”. The smartflower has a dual-axis tracker that allows the solar panels to automatically follow the sun at a 90-degree angle throughout the day. This means that the smartflower is always at the optimal angle to the sun to ensure maximum optimization. The result? The […]

This Solar Panel Design Moves With the Sun Through the Arc of Day

Over the past nine weeks, we’ve received a tremendous amount of wonderful press coverage, including video shares and editorial features. In the coming days we’ll be positing highlights in our blog & news page as a thank you to the publishers and another small way to spread awareness of #ClimateChangeAction. Our first shout out goes to Architectural Digest for featuring […]