2 Smartflowers and 900 Solar Panels: Alden Court Puts Renewable Energy Front and Center

Nov 16, 2022

Located in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, the Alden Court Nursing Care & Rehabilitation Center is one of the first nursing homes in Massachusetts to make the switch to sustainable energy. Two Smartflowers bloom at the front of the nursing home, a symbol of Alden Court’s active effort to focus on its sustainability initiatives and to pursue a clean energy future. The Smartflowers were installed in early 2020 and are one of the many sources of renewable energy at the nursing home.


The Smartflowers at Alden Court Nursing Home


The Smartflowers are a part of Alden Court’s ‘Go Green Initiative’, an active effort to focus on sustainable energy through the use of solar energy, geothermal energy, and EV charging. Thanks to these efforts, there are a total of 900 solar panels across the nursing home! In fact, the initial Smartflower installation, implemented by local dealer Energy Management, Inc. (EMI), lead to EMI obtaining an additional contract to provide Alden Court with rooftop solar panels and a ‘Solar Canopy’ in the car park. Alongside multiple EV charging stations, the solar power that Alden Court produces manages to offset approximately 73% of its annual power consumption.


The rooftop panels and ‘Solar Canopy’ at Alden Court


Alden Court’s Executive Director, Brad Truini, remarked, “The sculptural form and slow kinetic motion of the Smartflowers resulted in a lot of interest and questions from our residents and visitors. Our commitment to environmental care, in addition to best-in-class patient care, instills pride and positive emotions in our staff, patients, and families. Some of our residents even take their grandchildren outside to watch the solar panels of the Smartflower open and track the sun across the sky. Our positive experience with the Smartflower installation prompted us to consult Energy Management, Inc. on other sustainability measures we could take to effect further energy cost savings and emission reductions. Together, we implemented additional solar systems and EV chargers, making us one of the leading sustainable health care facilities in Massachusetts.”


Executive Director Brad Truini with a Smartflower


An information kiosk detailing Alden Court’s renewable energy measures will soon be joining the Smartflowers, making the senior care facility’s dedication to enhancing energy security, mitigating climate change, and improving health even clearer to the community.



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