Smartflower Helps Customers Drive Clean at the Green Clean Auto Spa

Apr 01, 2021

Nestled in the city of Jacksonville, North Carolina is the Green Clean Auto Spa, an eco-friendly alternative car wash dedicated to providing superior customer service, community involvement, and environmental stewardship. A Smartflower was installed at the car wash in the Winter of 2020 and generates power for their operations.



John Hunter, the owner of the Green Clean Auto Spa, first saw the Smartflower on Facebook when he spotted another car wash that had installed one. The dual-axis solar system resonated with him, as it was a perfect representation of the car wash’s sustainable mission. “One of our core purposes is to provide car washes that have the least impact on the environment. The Smartflower just made sense,” said John.

As a business that prides itself on minimizing its carbon footprint, the Smartflower helps showcase its commitment to sustainability, especially because the many elements that make the Green Clean Auto Spa so green are not easily visible to customers. Components like energy-efficient car wash equipment, higher voltage motors, LED lights, biodegradable products, and recycling used water are crucial to making the car wash what it is, but customers tend to overlook such subtler details. With the Smartflower, customers can immediately recognize that mitigating climate change is a high priority for the Green Clean Auto Spa. It also helps the business save money on electricity and increase its bottom line!

Customers of the car wash are fascinated by the innovative technology, and many find themselves watching it work as they wait in line. “It’s definitely an eyecatcher,” said Robert Jordan, Site Manager of the Green Clean Auto Spa, “We’ve gotten customers that come in just to see how it works. The staff loves it too!”

“The Green Clean Auto Spa is a company of purpose. We are not just here to make money, but to do our part and give back to the community. We want to minimize the impact we are making on the environment, and we believe in putting our money where our mouth is. We hope that when people see our Smartflower, they recognize it for what it is: A powerful statement that strengthens our company values,” said John.



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