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SmartFlower Solar donates 50 lithium ion energy storage batteries to Sunflower of Peace to help mitigate electricity disruptions in Ukraine

Jan 13, 2023

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(Boston, MA) January 2023 – On January 13, 2023, SmartFlower Solar will donate 50 lithium ion energy storage batteries to Sunflower of Peace. The purpose of this donation is to help alleviate the challenges the Ukrainian people experience due to Russia’s continuous attacks on civilian energy infrastructure during the cold winter months. The donated batteries will address the needs of medics, internally displaced families, and individuals who rely on electricity to support their medical needs.

In a statement, Jim Gordon, the SmartFlower CEO, said: “The courage and resilience of Ukrainians has inspired the world. In the face of attacks and disruption of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, we are hoping these energy storage batteries can help provide necessary power and ease suffering and save lives. I urge my colleagues in the Energy industry to join us in donating equipment to bolster Ukraine’s energy infrastructure and their fight for survival and freedom.”

The Founder of Sunflower of Peace, Kateryna Malakhova, said in a statement: “We are grateful to SmartFlower Solar for their generous gift. Donations like this address an urgent need and are a valuable contribution to our efforts to mitigate energy disruptions in Ukraine.” The organization’s Executive Director, Katya Migacheva, added that they “learned about SmartFlower’s intent to donate these batteries at the time of planning for how to brighten the new year for Ukrainians. SmartFlower’s thoughtful gift will do just that.”


About Sunflower of Peace:

Sunflower of Peace is a Boston-based 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization. Prior to Russia’s full-scale invasion in 2022, Sunflower of Peace had sent medical supplies to Ukraine, built playgrounds for children with disabilities, and facilitated U.S.-Ukraine scientific exchange. Since February 2022, Sunflower of Peace has prioritized four areas: tactical medicine to military medics and medical supplies to populations in need; energy and winterization needs; grants to Ukrainian organizations serving vulnerable populations; humanitarian aid and special initiatives to address emerging needs. Visit to learn more.


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