Solving Conventional Problems with Unconventional Solutions: The Smartflowers at OMIC R&D

Dec 07, 2023

Installed in early 2023, three Smartflowers stand tall at the entrance of the Oregon Manufacturing Innovation Center (OMIC R&D), a research facility dedicated to collaborative research on advanced manufacturing technologies and processes in Scappoose, Oregon. Collectively, the three Smartflowers provide power to the Additive Innovation Center, OMIC R&D’s newest building, which aims to put Oregon on the map as a powerhouse of cutting-edge technologies.


Three Smartflowers in front of the OMIC Additive Innovation Center

When the team at OMIC R&D was looking for renewable energy solutions for their Additive Innovation Center, they were already on the hunt for something innovative. The team knew they wanted renewable energy for the center, but the rooftop wasn’t fully suited for conventional rooftop panels. Furthermore, the team wanted something compact so they could be as efficient as possible with the space they had. Enter the Smartflower, which was the perfect solution for them. “We wanted the facility to be cutting-edge in every way, so we knew we had to integrate some form of clean energy. Plus, we were excited about how the Smartflowers could be a conversation starter for the center,” said Jon Elias, Director of Marketing & Communications at OMIC R&D.

So far, the Smartflowers have received nothing but positive reactions from the community in Scappoose. The first emotion it evokes in a lot of community members is curiosity. Many visitors at OMIC ask about the Smartflowers—what they are, what they do, how much energy they generate, and will often comment on how the panels on the solar systems move as the day goes by. “There are a lot of individuals in the community who are very passionate about efficiency and green energy, and they have therefore become very passionate about our Smartflowers as well. The Smartflowers have a ‘wow factor’ that we’re very proud of here at OMIC R&D,” said Elias.

As a proud thought leader in the manufacturing industry, OMIC R&D dedicates itself to making sure its facilities reflect the innovative and inspiring work it does every day. Oregon Business & Industry (OBI) awarded OMIC R&D the organization’s highest honor: The 2023 Oregon Visionary Award, which recognizes people, employers, and organizations that strengthen Oregon’s economy and contribute significantly to shared prosperity by developing solutions to significant problems. When asked about the message OMIC R&D wanted to send to its community with its Smartflowers, Jon Elias had this to say:

“At OMIC R&D, we consider ourselves as leaders in innovation and thought leaders for the industry. Our Additive Innovation Center emphasizes this with the Smartflowers, which we prominently display at the entrance. With the Smartflowers, we demonstrate that you can always find unconventional solutions to conventional problems.

“We’re very proud of the fact that we’re making cutting-edge technology here. Our Additive Innovation Center is our shining star right now, and we’re very excited that the building is on its way to being utilized to its full potential. Innovation is our bread and butter here, and that’s exactly why we chose Smartflower.”


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