Multiutility Iren Group Embraces Renewable Energy with Smartflower in Turin, Italy

Dec 10, 2020

Iren Group, a multiutility company based in Italy, installed their first Smartflower at their Torino Nord Cogeneration Plant in August 2020. The installation was done by Italian dealer Im-El Osasio, an electric utility company based in Osasio, Italy with 45 years of experience. Iren Group’s Smartflower reflects the mission and philosophy of the company, who believes in offering their customers and territories the best integrated energy management, water, and environmental resources through the use of innovative and sustainable solutions. With this installation, they hope to show their customers and community their dedication to embracing sustainability and innovation.



The Smartflower was chosen by Iren Group for its aesthetic design and efficient energy production. Its flower-shaped design helps to broadcast their sustainable message to their customers, and promotes how Iren Group is embracing the world of renewable energy. The installation has even become an educational opportunity for the company, as customer curiosity has been piqued ever since the innovative solar system was introduced. Many of them wish to learn more about how the Smartflower works, as well as how the cogeneration plant provides them with energy. “We are proud to be spreading a new sustainable message and philosophy by installing Smartflowers around Italy,” said Gianpiero Pautasso, the owner of Im-El Osasio.

This installation is but one part of Iren Group’s ambitious environmental improvement plan. Future projects in this plan include introducing a new area for businesses to thrive, creating a 7-megawatt energy storage system, and installing a reverse osmosis plant to reduce the use of chemical products in demineralized water production, and are planned to take place sometime from 2020-2022. We look forward to seeing how Iren Group continues to innovate and grow!


About Iren Group:

Iren Energia, a subsidiary of the Iren Group, wears many hats. They produce and distribute electricity, provide thermal energy for district heating and technology, and manage integrated water, environmental, and technological services. They aim to provide their customers with high quality, reliable, sustainable and efficient energy in their territories, and believe in reaching new heights through the use of innovation.

Did you know that Iren Energia’s cogeneration plants and urban district heating systems produce heat for 550,000 Turinese citizens, making Turin the city with the highest amount of district heating in Italy and all of Europe? There are significant environmental benefits to using district heating, as it is more energy efficient and reduces carbon emissions, which means that Turin is more sustainably heated than cities that use traditional heating systems. To learn more about Iren Group, visit


About Im-El Osasio:

Im-El Osasio aims to provide experience and innovation to all, and to help individuals and companies facilitate their energy autonomy. Established in 1975, the energy utility company is made up of curious experts who constantly seek for new and innovative solutions to their customers’ needs. They firmly believe that their passion is what distinguishes them, and hope to pass that passion for renewable energy on to the communities they serve.

The company has installed 365 residential and industrial PV systems in the last 5 years. These systems are mainly located in the Italian provinces of Turin and Cuneo, but have recently started to move into Liguria. They also install energy storage systems so customers can use their clean solar energy at night. To learn more about Im-El Osasio, go to


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