Enerjisa Üretim Brings Smartflower to the Sabancı Holding Headquarters In Turkey

Mar 02, 2021

Enerjisa Üretim is the leading electricity generation and trade company in Turkey. They generate energy from a variety of sources at 21 different power plants across the country and firmly believe that clean energy is the best way to invest in the future. With their sustainability goals and renewable energy portfolio in mind, it’s no surprise that Enerjisa Üretim and E.ON (a European electric utility company) chose to represent the importance of sustainable energy and innovation with their new Smartflower.



The Smartflower was installed in the garden of Sabancı Holding Headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey in February 2021. All energy generated will go to powering the Head Office Building, and the flower will serve as a visual reminder of the importance of climate change and sustainable energy for all who see it.

İhsan Erbil Bayçöl, the CEO of Enerjisa Üretim had this to say about the new Smartflower: “With our investment in 21 power plants, 56% of which use domestic and renewable resources, we continue to generate an uninterrupted supply of energy for our customers and community. Our mission at Enerjisa Üretim is to generate energy for a better future by respecting life, which is why ‘Sustainable Energy Generation and Trade’ is our top priority when it comes to business strategy. It is the very core of our operations.

Many of the environmental and social responsibility projects we work on and have worked on will also contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. We aim to develop and manage these projects with our sustainability approach and principles in mind. We will continue to work on projects that promote the widespread use of smart and high-tech products such as the Smartflower, which generates eco-friendly and sustainable energy for our customers.”



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