GomunoInaki Invests in Sustainable Development with Innovative Smartflower Solar Solution

Jul 21, 2022

A leading-edge solution to provide clean energy for the community and to bring sustainability to their larger society.



NAGOYA, JAPAN. (July 21, 2022) – GomunoInaki, a Japanese global trading company with R&D functions that specializes in supplying rubber/plastic goods to automotive, housing, home appliances, office infrastructure, and medical industries, installed a Smartflower at their headquarters in Nagoya, Japan in March 2022.  The Smartflower, an aesthetically beautiful yet efficient and innovative solar product, was chosen by GomunoInaki to act as a symbol of their support for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and with the hopes that more companies across Japan will see the need to adopt sustainable energy solutions.

As a respected company with over a century of history and experience, GomunoInaki believes in being an innovator and holds its community and environment in high regard.  Part of its corporate motto reads, “By respecting innovation and change, we face the challenges of tomorrow”.  The investment GomunoInaki has made in its first Smartflower displays its willingness to tackle the myriad of environmental and sustainable challenges that our society face and is a bold contribution to the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

“We are very happy to have the Smartflower installed at our site,” said Kimiyasu Kimura, Senior Director of GomunoInaki Co., Ltd., adding, “This charming and appealing Smartflower will act as a symbol of our commitment toward energy conservation and incorporation of reusable energy source to reach carbon neutrality by 2025.”

“It is our great pleasure to serve GomunoInaki with SmartFlower Solar, a very iconic symbol for SDGs. I am quite confident that the Smartflower at GomunoInaki will tell surrounding communities the great value of zero-carbon society as well as self-sustainable renewable energy,” said Kaoru Usami, Representing Director of BWCP.

Manufactured and produced by Boston-based company SmartFlower Solar, the Smartflower is a cutting-edge solar product that employs a multitude of intelligent features to combine efficiency and beauty into one sustainable product.  The core brilliance of the Smartflower is in its dual-axis tracking system.  At sunrise, Smartflower opens its panels to the optimal 90° angle to the sun and follows the sun’s path across the sky, producing up to 40% more energy than stationary solar panels.  SmartFlower Solar has installed thousands of Smartflowers worldwide, with notable clients like Adidas, Nike, Siemens, Carlsberg, and Vodafone.

“We are honored to add GomunoInaki to our global roster of blue-chip corporations.  Their decision to install the Smartflower in front of their corporate headquarters is one of their visible commitments to sustainability and will also inspire and educate their customers, suppliers, and employees to incorporate sustainability initiatives in their operations and daily lives,” said Jim Gordon, CEO of SmartFlower Solar.



About GomunoInaki
GomunoInaki made its debut in 1919 as Inaki-Shoten, a distributor of industrial rubber products, in Japan and have strived through for over a century supplying automotive and other industries with rubber/plastic products. Being traditional and respecting long built relationship with customers, suppliers and the community, while maintaining flexibility and meeting the fast-changing society’s needs, the company has grown into a global trading company with R&D functions and now has 18 subsidiaries in 10 countries around the word.  Learn more at

About SmartFlower Solar
SmartFlower Solar is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and manufactures and markets the revolutionary and patented Smartflower solar energy system. Its product platform consists of the Smartflower, Smartflower +Plus – which has an integrated battery storage component – and the Smartflower EV which is a solar powered electric vehicle charger. The company sells its products globally to a wide range of residential, commercial, and institutional energy users searching for iconic design and optimal solar and energy storage solutions. Learn more at

About Blue Wave Capital Partners
Blue Wave Capital Partners (“BWCP”), representing Smartflower Solar in Japan, has been in the power and energy industry over the past decades.  BWCP has a wide variety of network relationships with many industry leaders in Japan as well as in the US, being involved in project development, construction management, operation and maintenance as well as project finance arrangement for many different kinds of a power generating facility.  BWCP’s mission is to contribute to a sustainable growth society with zero-carbon and environmentally friendly best available technology.

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