EWE Drives the Energy Revolution Forward with Smartflower at Tante Mia Tanzt

Nov 10, 2022

Amongst a sea of festival-goers dancing to the best electro music Germany can offer stands a Smartflower, its petals open and facing the sun, generating clean solar energy at one of the country’s larger electro festivals. One of the sponsors of the 2022 Tante Mia Tanzt festival in Vechta, Germany, utility and telecommunications company EWE brought its Smartflower to the festival to power a free Wi-Fi hotspot for festival attendees. EWE, a strong advocate of renewable energy, hopes the Smartflower will symbolize its goal to be carbon neutral by 2035 and for a cleaner, greener future.



EWE first discovered Smartflower in its search for a renewable alternative to the diesel generators that festivals usually use to power its facilities. Initially, the EWE team had considered setting up solar panels on the festival grounds, but they soon realized it would take up too much space. Instead, they opted to mount a Smartflower on a trailer, transforming it into a mobile solution that would be easy to set up for the many festivals, expos, and other events that EWE sponsors.

Local Smartflower dealer, Faboro deutschland GmbH, was an integral part of the process, providing EWE support with the installation and connection of the Smartflower, advising on the technical aspects and design of the customized trailer, as well as providing the eye-catching wrap for the base of the unit. “We wanted to inspire our customer EWE with a unique renewable product, and we converted the Smartflower into a complete standalone solution for them. In our opinion, the Smartflower was the best choice for EWE as it makes for a ideal ‘multi-tool’ that combines solar energy, innovative design, and aesthetic beauty into one iconic product,” said Egon Faiss, CEO of Faboro deutschland GmbH. As a result of EWE and Faboro deutschland GmbH’s hard work, the Smartflower was ready to shine in time for Tante Mia Tanzt, allowing EWE to self-sufficiently provide a climate-friendly Wi-Fi break for festival attendees.

“The Smartflower is an absolute eye-catcher. When we set it up for the festival, everyone stopped to stare at it. Some even asked if they could buy it from us,” said Frauke Bitterer, the Sponsoring & Events Project Manager at EWE. Indeed, the Smartflower was a complete Hingucker (eye-catcher) at Tante Mia Tanzt, so much so that EWE has continued to bring the unique solar flower to its other sponsored events. As of October 2022, up to 150,000 people have seen EWE’s Smartflower and have been inspired by its message.

For EWE, climate protection is not a trend—it’s an obligation. Since 2022, EWE has been offering exclusively green electricity for private customers. The company is also investing in the erection of new wind turbines, the expansion of fiber-optic infrastructure, climate-neutral heating solutions, and an integrated hydrogen economy.

“Attaining climate neutrality and going green is something that many companies are starting to act on. When these companies see our Smartflower, we hope they see a clever solution to an urgent problem. We are proud to be part of the Smartflower family, and we can’t wait to bring the Smartflower out for our next festival,” said Ms. Bitterer.



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