88 Black Falcon Pier Makes Waves with Smartflower

Mar 25, 2021

With its ocean sunsets, rich maritime history, and unique blend of longstanding waterfront-dependent industrial users, next-generation lab, life science, and office spaces, 88 Black Falcon Pier provides a unique working environment for both marine industrial and leading innovation economy tenants in Boston, Massachusetts. Located in Boston’s bustling Seaport District, the building is a fascinating mix of history, art, and innovation— it is surrounded by the hottest new restaurants, residential and retail destinations, and unique art installations throughout the neighborhood. Is it really a surprise, then, that 88 Black Falcon Pier has chosen to make waves by installing its very own Smartflower?



A Smartflower sits at the very top of 88 Black Falcon Pier, framed by the ocean waves of the Boston Harbor. Jonathan Davis, the CEO & Founder of The Davis Companies (the real estate developer behind the building), was intentional in the positioning of the Smartflower, the world’s first integrated dual-axis tracking solar system. The Smartflower’s maximum energy production and carbon reduction were important factors to him, but he also wanted its iconic design and function to inspire his tenants, visitors, and the many cruise ship passengers that sail by the building. The Smartflower would greet the cruise ship passengers as they left and entered Boston, showcasing an optimal solar energy solution for urban environments.

Davis expanded on his motivations for installing the Smartflower, saying that “Boston is a low-lying coastal community that is at significant risk from the impacts of climate change. The Davis Companies has a responsibility to do all we can to join in the urgent fight to mitigate climate change. We employ best practices to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels and carbon emissions to meet the requirements set by the communities in which we operate. Many of our sustainability measures are difficult to see on top of a building’s roof, in the basement, or in a mechanical room. The Smartflower is a sustainability measure that we can proudly display to inspire, educate, and start a conversation on how we can all chip in and transition to a more sustainable future.”

As the recipient of the Boston Preservation Alliance’s President’s Award for Excellence, Jonathan Davis understands the importance of preserving Boston’s historic resources, using history as a foundation to build upon with innovation. Now, 88 Black Falcon Pier has chosen to showcase the building’s commitment to sustainability with its very own Smartflower, signaling to tenants, staff, and even traveling passengers that it truly welcomes the new wave towards a better energy and environmental future.



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