The Taiwan Cement Company Gives Back to Their Community with the First Smartflower Installation in Taiwan

Apr 06, 2020

Earlier this year, three Smartflowers were installed at the Taiwan Cement Corporation’s DAKA Open Ecological Recycling Factory (otherwise known as TCC DAKA) in Hualien, Taiwan, making it the very first Smartflower installation in Taiwan! The three Smartflowers supply clean, renewable electricity to the Vision House and signboard at the main gate of the TCC DAKA facility. This initiative is part of the Taiwan Cement Corporation’s mission to build a strong relationship with their stakeholders and give back to their community.



The Taiwan Cement Corporation Group is a green environmental engineering company focused on the complex relationship between man and nature. They have expanded outside of the cement sector and are now also part of the energy, environmental protection, and circular economy fields sectors. The opening of the TCC DAKA Open Ecology Recycling Factory showcases the Taiwan Cement Corporation’s belief that a plant should be part of the everyday life of the community, integrating ecology, knowledge, culture, and leisure into their daily operations. “The plant is not just a manufacturing facility, but also a park for leisure, a classroom for knowledge dissemination and a museum for collecting artworks,” said the Taiwan Cement Corporation, “We want to redefine what it means to be a ‘factory’ and to build a long-lasting relationship with society.”

Given the striking aesthetic appeal of the Smartflower, it’s no wonder that TCC DAKA’s three Smartflowers are now one of the photographic hotspots there. However, they aren’t just a pretty piece of solar art—they’re also as an educational tool. TCC DAKA offers guided tours involving the Smartflowers in order to teach visitors about the circular economy and about their sustainability efforts. “The design and shape of the Smartflower is unique… making it a visual reminder of the application and value of renewable energy,” said the Taiwan Cement Corporation.



“TCC has always been a believer and an executor of the circular economy… We are happy to have the first Smartflower installation in TCC DAKA in Taiwan,” said the Taiwan Cement Corporation, “With its smart solar panel system and unique flower shapes, the Smartflower is so eye-catching that people not only pay attention to its appearance but are also eager to learn more about it. It’s beautiful and educational, and absolutely perfect for our goal.”


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