Smartflower Blooms for the First Time on UNC’s Campus

Smartflower Blooms for the First Time on UNC’s Campus

Jul 11, 2019

A Smartflower has recently been installed on the front lawn of the César Chávez Cultural Center in the University of Northern Colorado (UNC). It provides 2,500 watts of power to meet the majority of the center’s needs.

The students at UNC were the driving force behind this decision, as their Student Leadership for Environmental Action Fund (LEAF) committee, made up entirely of students, led the effort to select and purchase the Solar Flower to “reduce our campus’s carbon footprint by utilizing renewable energy and offsetting our fossil fuel emissions,” said Emmy Scott, a junior double-majoring in Environmental and Sustainability Studies and Business Management as well as Student LEAF’s grant coordinator.

“The overall goal with the project is to offset the energy that the Chávez center uses with renewable energy, while encouraging and empowering students to learn about transforming campus with innovative technology, such as the Solar Flower,” said Scott.


Watch Smartflower Bloom!



To learn more about the Smartflower at UNC, click here.

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