Fujikin Brings Smartflower Technology to Tsukuba Advanced Research Center

Oct 03, 2022

The first Smartflowers in Japan stand tall at Fujikin’s Tsukuba Advanced Research Center in Tsukuba, Japan, as part of its goal to develop the most environmentally-friendly factory in the city and to highlight its goal of advancing technology. Four of the five Smartflowers can be found at the entrance of the research center, while the fifth is located by the back gate. The Smartflowers were procured and installed in partnership with Kurita Marketing & Management Corporation and Blue Wave Capital Partners (BWCP) in Q3 of 2021.


Four Smartflowers at Fujikin's Entrance


Founded in 1930, Fujikin has always equated progress with the advancement and evolution of technology. Its corporate policy states that it aims to “continuously take on extreme challenges to surpass the farthest bounds of technology”. The company boasts numerous commendations and awards, as well as a diverse variety of projects ranging from ultra-precision flow (fluid) control equipment and systems to even space exploration.

Fujikin has developed and championed numerous technologies and projects to create a more environmentally-friendly world, with the Smartflowers at the Tsukuba Advanced Research Center playing their part in its sustainable initiatives. The company manufactures valves and other industrial products that produce less cleaning waste, operates an environmentally-friendly sturgeon aquaculture facility, and continues to invest considerably into the production, transportation, and storage of hydrogen to support Japan’s push for fuel cell electric vehicles.

“It was our great honor to introduce the Smartflower to Japan and to Fujikin. Visitors at the Tsukaba Advanced Research Center have found the new Smartflowers very fascinating and have praised the solar systems for their beautiful design and shape. As the centerpiece of the research center, the Smartflowers have become symbols of Fujikin, representing the company’s mission to promote renewable energy,” said a representative of Kurita Marketing & Management Corporation.

Jim Gordon, CEO of SmartFlower Solar, remarked, “We are honored that Fujikin installed the first Smartflowers in Japan to showcase their commitment to sustainability and a better energy future. Their leadership will inspire others to follow their path.”


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