Maglebo Vineyard Embraces Both Nature and Technology with Two New Smartflowers

Aug 20, 2020

Two Smartflowers were recently installed at the Maglebo Vineyard & Country House in Helsinge, Denmark. The vineyard is both eco-friendly and self-sustainable and contains not just a Bed and Breakfast, but also a fruit and vegetable garden that grows produce like potatoes, oats, and other vegetables, as well as a 4-hectare forest. The two new solar flower additions will help power the geothermal heating system that keeps the buildings in the vineyard warm despite the cold climate.



The owner of the Maglebo vineyard, Gert Lassen, discovered the Smartflower back in 2016 when he was looking for a sustainable way to power his geothermal heating system. Now, the two Smartflowers are what provide electricity for the vineyard’s geothermal system. Any leftover power is stored in the vineyard’s Powerbank and can be used to power the lights and appliances in the vineyard.

However, it is not just power production that the Smartflowers bring to the Maglebo Vineyard. One Smartflower is installed right in front of the B&B terrace and works as a ‘sunbrella’ that provides guests with shade and shelter from the rain. Furthermore, the Smartflower acts as a piece of modern art for the guests to view while enjoying their stay at the country house and showcases the vineyard’s commitment to living sustainably.  “Everybody who sees the Smartflower falls in love with it,” said Gert, “It’s a powerful and good-looking piece of solar art.”

While the two Smartflowers are the vineyard’s main solar showpieces, Gert and his team are hard at work to make sure that they practice what they preach. Guests are served ‘farm-to-table’ meals that are made with a combination of the vineyard’s homegrown vegetables and produce purchased directly from local farms and butchers. A ‘living roof’ comprised of various species of grass and flowers exists on the roof of the main building to promote biodiversity while also absorbing rainwater during subtropical rainstorms to prevent flooding. 500 pinewood trees and 50 fruit trees were also planted in the 4-hectare forest to offset carbon emissions while providing homes for the native birds, bees, and butterflies that reside in Helsinge. The vineyard is even part of the ‘Andelsgaarde’ movement in Denmark, in which old farms are converted into sustainable green farms and become part of a cooperative!

“We focus on being sustainable and living cleanly in all aspects of life—our potatoes come from the ground, our wine from our grapevines, and our power from the sun,” said Gert. Indeed, Maglebo Vineyard & Country House has not only chosen to embrace nature traditionally but to also incorporate modern, innovative technology into their business. While many might see the combination of traditional living and modernity as conflicting, the two go hand-in-hand when it comes to fulfilling the vineyard’s goal of promoting an authentic green lifestyle. “The Smartflowers have become part of Maglebo Vineyard’s identity,” said Gert, “People in the community tip their hats in respect when they see us taking responsibility and showing future generations how to live sustainably.”



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