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Demonstrate your organizational commitment to clean energy
with a highly visible and beautiful solar solution.

Organizational Benefits

Smartflower is the purest way to demonstrate your corporation’s core values and commitment to sustainability. Consider one unit or a field of Smartflowers.

Green Energy

Start producing clean, sustainable energy for your operation to help meet your renewable energy goals.

Branding & PR

Demonstrate and communicate that your brand stands for renewable energy to engage and invigorate your community.


Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

Smartflower can be a powerful and unique advantage across all industries.

5 SmartFlower Solar Panels Line a City Street Next to a Glass Business Building

SmartFlower Testimonials

“A perfect fit for our focus.”

“At OakStar we continually focus on progress that is beneficial to our organization and beneficial to our communities. [The SmartFlower] was a perfect fit for that focus.”

— Randy Johnson, President & CEO of OakStar Bank.

“An innovative, tangible example.”

“When students and other members of the community walk by, they’ll see that we have an innovative, tangible example of our campus commitment to sustainable energy sources.”

— Sam Stoner, Sustainability Coordinator at Mary Baldwin University.

“Educational and inspirational.”

“We're getting these energy managers, who are getting this training inside that building, to think outside the box. They can save energy in their building by calling in work orders or by increasing the awareness of people in the building to turn off their computers, the lights, and unplug things if they don't need them. In addition to the Smartflower providing power to our grid, it is also educational and inspirational.”

— Kirk Ticknor, Chief of the Environmental Division of the DPW.

“An architectural icon.”

“We are happy with our Smartflower. It works really well and our visitors find it attractive. We have a lot of electric vehicles parked around the Smartflower, so it looks like a green efficient zone. I think Smartflower is a good option for companies, not just for energy production, but for the aesthetic impact and external benefits it brings. Our flower was installed around 4 years ago and is still an architectural icon for us.”

— Sebastián Enrique Garcia Gallardo, Solar Project Engineer at Enel Green Power.

“Just as sunflowers seek the light, the university’s spirit will seek the light of knowledge.”

“This installation is meant to make the Fuenlabrada campus an area where we can reach the goals in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development… Just as sunflowers seek the light, the university’s spirit will constantly seek the light of knowledge.”

— Javier Ramos, Rector of the King Juan Carlos University.

“The latest testament to our commitment to sustainable energy.”

“All of us have a part to play in the move towards sustainable energy, and we are pleased to play our part reducing our carbon footprint here in Perth. With no CO2 output, [the Smartflower] plays a large part in power generation for Merlin and helps us improve our green credentials… It’s great to be able to focus on -and invest in- technological advances in sustainable energy which have value both in monetary terms to the investor and in environmental terms to the country. The Merlin Smartflower is the latest testament to our commitment to sustainable energy generation and environmental engagement.”

— Iain Hutchinson, Founder and Executive Chairman of Merlin ERD.

“The Smartflower will spearhead our green vision.”

“While the basics… make a difference to consumption and ultimately the environment, we decided that more commitment was needed to fulfill our green vision. This is where the Smartflower has come into play… the Smartflower will spearhead our green vision, with plans for additional installations already in motion.”

— Vision Logistics UK.
Closed SmartFlower Solar Panel Stand Outside a Public Park

The Botanical Gardens in Madrid, Spain offers children and teens an outdoor learning space called Nature’s Classroom. SmartFlower produces power needed to run activities throughout the day.


Teach children the basics of solar energy in a hands-on and engaging manner by inviting them to witness the solar tracking movements of the Smartflower.

A Group of Spectators Examine a SmartFlower on a City Street

This city catalyzed a community movement for green energy as part of their wider sustainability goals. They were also able to offset the initial costs and create a recurring revenue stream by selling sponsorships of the unit.


Local government can lead the way to a sustainable future by setting a highly visible example for renewable energy in their communities.

A SmartFlower Solar Panel Sits in the Middle of a Fountain Outside a Business Complex

Los Amigos Tulum is taking the lead on sustainable luxury developments by installing a Smarflower in the center of their resort.


Resorts, hotels, and restaurants can power their operations, even in remote areas, while demonstrating their environmental commitment to their guests.

Two Electric BMWs Sit at a Charging Station Powered by a SmartFlower Solar Panel

Thanks to SmartFlower, a car dealer in Europe reduces its environment footprint and saves on its electricity bill by using the sun’s energy to help power their brightly lit showroom and their cars.


Instantly signal what your business stands for to potential customers, while reducing energy costs at your retail locations.

SmartFlower Stats

Take the lead in creating a sustainable future.

Any business or governmental organization doing its part to move toward a clean energy future should be proud to demonstrate that commitment.

  • 91 %

    of global consumers expect companies to address environmental issues in their business practices.

  • 73 %

    of consumers ages 15-35 are increasingly willing to pay more for products and services from companies committed to sustainability.

  • 74 %

    of Americans believe that the government should do “whatever it takes to protect the environment.”

Close up of Where SmartFlower\'s Solar Panels Attaches to Its Base

SmartFlower Customers

Select Commercial Customers

  • Mohawk Group
  • State Street
  • Nike
  • Central Park Tulum
  • Detroit Zoo

Smartflower gets noticed.

Our awards and certifications:

  • Reddot Design Award
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award
  • Verbund Enovation Award
  • Good Design Award
  • Austria Award
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