Bringing Form and Function to Wolf Creek Ranch with Smartflower

Mar 16, 2021

With its large aspen groves, roaming wildlife, and vast winding rivers, the Wolf Creek Ranch in Heber, Utah is a welcome reminder of how majestic Mother Nature can be. But being a natural retreat from the modern world does not mean that it cannot have modern solutions. Two Smartflowers were recently installed at one of the residences at Wolf Creek Ranch, combining innovative renewable energy with rustic beauty to make a green and energy-efficient home.



Sustainability and ecological responsibility are not foreign concepts for Wolf Creek Ranch. These concepts are deeply rooted in their philosophy and approach. It is no wonder why the Smartflower stood out to Doug Anderson, CEO of Pacific Group (the developer behind Wolf Creek Ranch), when he first saw the Smartflower back in 2017. “Wolf Creek Ranch has one of the largest private conservation easements in the United States. The Smartflower is representative of the ideals and care that went into developing this special place,” said Doug.

Vinyl-wrapped with natural-looking Barnwood designs, the two Smartflowers blend seamlessly with the architecture of the modern-rustic house they power. They provide supplemental power for the residence and bring it close to net-zero energy consumption. Utilizing additional features such as extreme insulation, LED lights, and in-floor radiant heating, the architects behind the house seamlessly blend modern technologies and traditional aesthetics. All these elements combined result in a beautiful home without sacrificing form for function. When asked about his thoughts on rooftop solar, Doug had this to say: “We chose Smartflower over rooftop solar because of its increased efficiency, self-cleaning, and storm-shutdown capabilities. It ended up being a better option for the cold, snowy climate of the Ranch, and they look beautiful with the house and the landscape.”



Residents and other community members at the Wolf Creek Ranch have welcomed the Smartflowers with open arms. Intrigued and excited by the innovative technology, many conversations about sustainability and energy have started due to the new additions.

“We’re glad that the two Smartflowers have helped reinvigorate conversations about sustainability and environmentally friendly technology and architecture among the Wolf Creek Ranch property owners. We care about sustainability and firmly believe that sustainability can be beautiful. Our work has always focused on efficiency, quality, and superior functionality, and the Smartflower is a poignant symbol of those principles,” said Doug.


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  1. Have tried before to get an idea of cost. Has not happened. 1400 sq.ft home, 800 sq.ft shop, 300 sq.ft cabin, electrical pedestals for 4 rv campers.

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