Earth Day 2023: 5 Ways Colleges and Schools Are Protecting the Future with Smartflower

For the last several years, you’ve read how Smartflowers worldwide have been used by different public organizations to restore our Earth, and how corporations have implemented Smartflowers to invest in our planet. In honor of Earth Day, we’d like to highlight 5 colleges and schools that have exhibited leadership and chosen to integrate our Smartflowers […]

Earth Day 2022: 5 Ways to Invest in Our Planet with Smartflower

For last year’s Earth Day, we highlighted 5 different organizations that implemented Smartflowers in their projects to restore our earth. This year, here are 5 more companies and organizations who have used our innovative solar flower to embody Earth Day 2022’s theme: Invest in our Planet!   Renewable Innovations “As partners, we are delivering upon […]

5 Ways Smartflowers Are Restoring Our Earth

Trinity High School “The belief that we are utilizing technology to solve problems, much like an engineer does, is intriguing. We are being viewed as the innovators in our county and state.” – Donald Snoke, Assistant Superintendent of the Trinity Area School District Trinity High School in Washington, Pennsylvania has ambitious goals: to become a […]

5 Ways to Stay Green While Social Distancing

Unfortunately, while most of us will not be able to participate in outdoor activities, environmental cleanups or rallies for Earth Day 2020, there are still many ways to stay green at home while social distancing. Before we get started, make sure to calculate your Carbon Footprint to get an idea of how much your existing […]

What’s the Point of a Dual-Axis Tracker?

When people think of solar, they usually think of stationary solar panels or even ones with single-axis trackers. You know the ones— blue solar panels mounted onto someone’s roof, or those seemingly never-ending rows of ground-mounted solar panels you find when you drive by a solar farm. Yes, just going solar already saves you money, […]

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving Greener

Use Reusable Materials Everyone’s looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner, but we don’t always take the waste we create from using disposable plates, utensils, and cups into account. Put the Styrofoam away, and consider getting out the good china! Don’t have enough plates for everyone? You can always borrow extra plates beforehand or get more cutlery […]

Smartflower For Your Business or Home

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Smartflower Brings Hope to Micro-Shelter Village

Hawaii has welcomed its first smartflower in Pahoa at the micro-shelter village for the families displaced by the Kilauea volcano. The unit was donated by T&T Electric, a local solar company in Pahoa. “The lava destroyed so many homes and displaced so many people,” said John McEnroe of SmartFlower Pacific. “We all felt inspired to […]

Beautiful Pascoag Family Farm Welcomes Smartflower to Rhode Island

Rhode Islanders Scott and Beth Rabideau welcomed the first SmartFlower installation in the state at their beautiful farm in Pascoag, just before the first snowfall in New England. As longtime proponents of sustainable living, the Rabideau’ s decided to begin living completely off solar energy once their children graduated from college. To do so, they […]

An interior warmed by the sun is an amazing feature

SmartFlower Solar had the pleasure of meeting with Tammy Crosby, CEO of a Connecticut based firm, The House Designers, at Greenbuild International Conference and Expo 2017, during which she provided further insight into her goals for attending the trade show and her first impressions of the SmartFlower. Crosby describes their role as “representing the leading residential architects […]

Smartflower Blooms in New Brunswick, Canada

Last month, NB Power, the primary electrical utility for the Canadian province of New Brunswick, went solar with SmartFlower Solar and one of its authorized Canadian dealers — NU-NRG Group. NB Power proudly welcomed the first SmartFlower in New Brunswick by showcasing the unit on the headquarter’s front lawn. Now employees, clients and guests are all greeted upon arrival by the larger […]

The Midwest is About to Become a lot Greener!

This past Monday, while most of us were waking up to prepare for the work week ahead, Zach Witt of the newly founded solar company, ilumen, PV, rose to greet the day by putting on work boots and setting out to install the first residential smartflower in the United States. Upon completion, Witt sent SmartFlower […]

Who is Smartflower North America?

People who see the smartflower online and call or email us usually think they are reaching a fully staffed customer service center. But in reality it’s usually one person with a wireless headset and a laptop. SmartFlower North America (a/k/a SmartFlower Solar) is a small, rapidly growing company that is approaching its first birthday next […]