5 Ways to Stay Green While Social Distancing

Unfortunately, while most of us will not be able to participate in outdoor activities, environmental cleanups or rallies for Earth Day 2020, there are still many ways to stay green at home while social distancing. Before we get started, make sure to calculate your Carbon Footprint to get an idea of how much your existing […]

What’s the Point of a Dual-Axis Tracker?

When people think of solar, they usually think of stationary solar panels or even ones with single-axis trackers. You know the ones— blue solar panels mounted onto someone’s roof, or those seemingly never-ending rows of ground-mounted solar panels you find when you drive by a solar farm. Yes, just going solar already saves you money, […]

5 Easy Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving Greener

Use Reusable Materials Everyone’s looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner, but we don’t always take the waste we create from using disposable plates, utensils, and cups into account. Put the Styrofoam away, and consider getting out the good china! Don’t have enough plates for everyone? You can always borrow extra plates beforehand or get more cutlery […]

The Cost of Not Going Solar

When electricity was invented, we never could have imagined exactly what that would mean for our everyday lives. We were using resources we found around us to produce really cool inventions that made our life easier. We didn’t think too far into how we were able to make telephone calls and send information through wires, […]

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