Earth Day 2023: 5 Ways Colleges and Schools Are Protecting the Future with Smartflower

Apr 22, 2023

For the last several years, you’ve read how Smartflowers worldwide have been used by different public organizations to restore our Earth, and how corporations have implemented Smartflowers to invest in our planet. In honor of Earth Day, we’d like to highlight 5 colleges and schools that have exhibited leadership and chosen to integrate our Smartflowers for a sustainable energy and environmental future.


  1. Elon University, USA

“It feels special to have the seed of a student idea on a pedestal now and as we walk past it, it’s a reminder that we are educating young people who will go out to change the world with their ideas.” – Connie Ledoux Book, Elon University President

The Smartflower at Elon University stands tall in front of the Founders and Innovation Halls, which are home to the departments of Engineering and Physics and serve as a new hub for multidisciplinary education and innovation within the campus. The design and construction of the two halls achieved LEED Gold Certification, while the interior design won multiple awards at the 2022 Design Competition Awards.



  1. Bishop James Mahoney High School, Canada

“SIEC is pleased to be able to provide opportunities to students in K-12 to learn about career pathways in the green energy sector. Access to the Smartflower technology and connecting it to STEM education is a great way to showcase what careers are available now and in the future in Saskatchewan.” –  Janet Uchacz-Hart, Executive Director of the Saskatoon Industry Education Council (SIEC).

The Smartflower Microgrid (MG) is the first educational microgrid of its kind in Canada, created by Siemens Canada in partnership with the Saskatoon Industry Education Council (SIEC) to provide students in Saskatoon with a deeper understanding of green technology and the applications of solar power, data analytics, and grid management. Installed at the Bishop James Mahoney High School, the Smartflower powers classrooms and provides real-time data to students and staff.



  1. Humber College, Canada

“Our energy transition to address climate change and a greener planet requires all hands on deck. This partnership with Siemens Canada will allow our students to learn about and research the latest in microgrid technology… Working with Siemens will enable us to train the next generation of professionals in the field of green technology and the SMART Lab will bring Humber another step closer to achieving its own sustainability goals.” – Dr. Ann Marie Vaughan, President & CEO of Humber College

A Smartflower can be found at Humber College in Canada, one part of the new Sustainable Microgrid and Renewable Technology (SMART) Lab on campus. The SMART Lab was developed by Humber College and Siemens Canada as an education and experimental environment designed to train students and professionals about the use of a microgrid system.



  1. King Juan Carlos University, Spain

This installation is meant to make the Fuenlabrada campus an area where we can reach the goals in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development… Just as sunflowers seek the light, the university’s spirit will constantly seek the light of knowledge.” – Javier Ramos, Rector of King Juan Carlos University (URJC)

As the very first Smartflower installed in a public university in Spain, the Smartflower at the King Juan Carlos University acts as the institution’s way of showcasing its commitment to sustainability. The opening ceremony took place at the same time as the kick-off event for the COP25 Climate Summit that year, and the university saved around €5,400 from the sustainable infrastructural changes implemented.



  1. Buckley Elementary School, USA

“I appreciate all the work and collaboration that it has taken to get this far and am excited that we are positioned to have lower energy costs for years ahead. But more important is how this benefits our students. Investing in clean, renewable energy is one more way we can ensure a better future for them.”— Matt Geary, Manchester Schools Superintendent

Buckley Elementary School is the state of Connecticut’s first Net Zero Public School, and what better than a Smartflower to commemorate the achievement? Installed alongside other sustainable improvements like solar panels geothermal heating and cooling, and other energy-saving construction features, the Smartflower sits at the main entrance to act as a learning opportunity for students, staff, and visitors alike.

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