Earth Day 2022: 5 Ways to Invest in Our Planet with Smartflower

Apr 22, 2022

For last year’s Earth Day, we highlighted 5 different organizations that implemented Smartflowers in their projects to restore our earth. This year, here are 5 more companies and organizations who have used our innovative solar flower to embody Earth Day 2022’s theme: Invest in our Planet!


  1. Renewable Innovations

“As partners, we are delivering upon our shared vision and commitment to scalable, remote, renewable power. For the Rebelle Rally, this is the most extensive mobile, grid-free, green rapid charging and renewable operations we know to exist at this magnitude,” said Mount.” – Robert Mount, CEO of Renewable Innovations

Two Smartflowers sit at either end of Renewable Innovation’s Mobile Energy Command – Solar (MEC-S) solution, a 53-foot mobile power system lined with high-density solar panels. Combined, the system collectively delivers 50kW of peak power, which is enough to power 6-8 homes a day! Renewable Innovations first unveiled the MEC-S system at the 2021 Rebelle Rally, the first women’s off-road navigation rally raid in the United States, providing power to the base camps there. Learn more about the MEC-S here.



  1. First Ward Park

“We at Mecklenburg County Air Quality are committed to reducing air pollution through multiple avenues that engage public and private entities. This includes the County’s policy to reduce its carbon emissions. We believe that the Smartflower is a great way to communicate the importance of green, sustainable energy sources and the importance of reducing air pollution through cleaner energy production.” – PJ McKenzie, Air Quality Specialist at Mecklenburg County Air Quality

If you walk through First Ward Park in Charlotte, North Carolina, you might spot a Smartflower with a very interesting device set up next to it. This device is an Air Quality Learning Station (AQLS), a public air quality outreach and education piece set up by Mecklenburg County Air Quality. The energy the Smartflower produces offsets park lighting, restrooms, as well as the AQLS. The Smartflower and AQLS work together to create a truly iconic project, with the Smartflower’s eye-catching aesthetics attracting the public into engaging with the AQLS and learning more about the pollutants in their air.



  1. Vodafone UK & Spain

“Group-wide, Vodafone’s entire European operations have been 100% powered by electricity from certifiably renewable sources since July 2021, and it plans to reduce carbon emissions across its 21 operating companies to ‘net zero’ by 2030, and those of its entire supply chain by 2040. The Smartflower is just another way Vodafone is demonstrating its commitment to reducing its environmental impact.” – Vodafone UK News Centre

Two Smartflowers have been installed at Vodafone headquarters worldwide, with one at Vodafone UK’s Newbury Campus and the other at Vodafone Spain’s Madrid headquarters. The Smartflowers are part of Vodafone’s larger plans to reduce its carbon footprint. Vodafone Spain has also installed photovoltaic panels on the rooftops and replaced its entire fleet with over 612 low-emission alternatives, all with the goal of reducing its carbon footprint by half by 2025 and reaching net-zero emissions by 2040. Further plans are being made to install more Smartflowers at other Vodafone office locations in the UK, South Africa, Germany, Spain, and Italy.



  1. Interblock

“I am proud that we have a new success story ahead of us, at a time when we are facing a sharp rise in energy prices and the epidemic of the new coronavirus has pushed the weakest even further to the brink. The faster we move to renewables, the more resistant we will be to high prices. At the same time, as a society, we must strive to present responsible entrepreneurship to children as well.” – Joc Pečečnik, Chairman of the Board of Interblock

Interblock, the leading global luxury gaming products manufacturer, installed the first Smartflower in Slovenia in front of the company’s headquarters in Mengeš. The installation announced the launch of the “Sun for Children” nationwide project by Slovenian Business Club and humanitarian organization Red Ball, which aims to raise funds to promote entrepreneurship and sustainability to children.



  1. Green Pea

“In Green Pea we show how sustainability is no longer just a goal to be pursued, but a value that is integrated into every choice we make, capable of changing daily gestures and great works for the better.” – Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X Italy

Located in Turin, Italy, Green Pea is the world’s first fully green retail park. The retail park is entirely dedicated to sustainable living, with the building being built with recycled materials (and it can be completely dismantled with a screwdriver and 24mm wrench!) and the shops inside selling high-quality sustainable products. Thanks to Enel X, a global leader in providing integrated energy and sustainability solutions, two Smartflowers welcome visitors and customers to the entrance of this beautiful and fascinating project. Other Enel X contributions include intelligent street furniture and energy-generating floors.

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