The SmartFlower Solar Panel Overlooks a Small Gardening Patch in the Midwest

The Midwest is About to Become a lot Greener!

May 26, 2017

This past Monday, while most of us were waking up to prepare for the work week ahead, Zach Witt of the newly founded solar company, ilumen, PV, rose to greet the day by putting on work boots and setting out to install the first residential smartflower in the United States.

Upon completion, Witt sent SmartFlower Solar HQ a very enthusiastic email, “We had zero issues when we started it up –amazing! It was truly plug and play.”

Witt’s installation team was comprised of himself and one electrician– speaking to the ease of the installation process. The smartflower is delivered completely assembled in a wooden crate. Making the entire process only a matter of uncrating the unit, hoisting it out of the packaging with a fork lift or crane, placing it in the predetermined location, and trenching a cable from the unit to your distribution box.

The smartflower operates on UTC time, which is pre-programmed at the manufacturing factory in Austria. The only features Witt had to program in were date, longitude and latitude, night position mode, cleaning cycle, and wind safety position speeds – taking a total of approx. ten minutes.

The unit is currently grid-tied and producing clean energy for Witt’s home in Barrington, Illinois — “It is truly amazing to have this product in my back yard right now. I literally look out the window on an hourly basis and still can’t believe it!” One of the many benefits of purchasing a smartflower is being able to visually see your commitment to fighting climate change and becoming more energy independent.

Witt says, “I’m very excited for what the future holds.  This is going to change the game for solar, and I am very fortunate to be a part of it. “

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