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Who is Smartflower North America?

May 10, 2017

People who see the smartflower online and call or email us usually think they are reaching a fully staffed customer service center. But in reality it’s usually one person with a wireless headset and a laptop.

SmartFlower North America (a/k/a SmartFlower Solar) is a small, rapidly growing company that is approaching its first birthday next month. You’ll find us tucked along one side of the third floor suite we share with the industry veteran Energy Management Inc. in an office building just off the Public Garden in Boston. In our short tenure, we’ve enlisted over 25 dealers and sales partners in North America, trained the first wave of resellers, and created a website that, despite being only two months old, is already in the top three on Google, an accomplishment of which every startup dreams. Our beautiful product has been featured in Tech Insider, Inc. Magazine, Green Builder, Martha Stewart Living, Inc. Magazine, Architectural Digest and a host of other online publications. And as a result, our phones are constantly ringing and our inbox overflowing with plaudits and questions, most notably “How and when can I get one?”

We are a dedicated collection of multitaskers—by both necessity and interests,  jacks-of-all-trades completely focused on doing good for our environment while doing well. Our staff is energetic and eclectic with a wide range of personalities, ages and experiences. Topics of our weekly team meetings and daily conversations range from CRM training to solar panel and electricity tutorials to website analytics and troubleshooting installations. Everything is open for discussion and suggestions for improvement are not only welcome but actively solicited. It’s exciting to be part of something that is constantly growing, evolving, and continually picking up speed, to be a part of something that the public is as excited about as we are.

We’ve just gotten started and we have no intention of stopping. Smartflower is part of America’s energy future, and that future is now.

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  1. WOW! Great product!! Do you have any sales/dealers in Lancaster PA?? I’m interested to get on board with Smartflower

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