Smartflower vs. Traditional Solar


Rooftop Systems

and Installation
  • Delivered as a complete, all-in-one system
  • Comes preassembled, and can be installed in a few hours
  • Single AC cable for home connection
  • Can be relocated when moving houses
  • Resellable at any time
  • Delivered in multiple components and installations steps that require field assembly
  • May take a month or more
  • Requires special cabling installed into the house
  • Permanently attached to roof with many roof penetrations, possibly impacting roof integrity
  • Inseparable component of house, needs removal to re-roof
  • Open ventilation provides cooling, resulting in greater output
  • When the panels fold up, integrated brushes sweep away sediment and debris
  • Solar panels autonomously follow the sun all day long for maximum energy production, generating up to 40% more power
  • Heat accumulation can result in up to 5-10% yield loss
  • Accumulated sediment (dust, leaves, snow, ice, etc.) results in up to 5% yield loss
  • Sun rays are at the optimal angle for only a short time resulting in limited energy production
  • Iconic and beautiful statement for renewable energy
  • Timeless, sculptural design
  • Inspirational, color options available
  • Dominating and ungainly presence
  • Changes appearance of house or surroundings
  • Monotonous visual distraction
  • Constant monitoring detects strong winds, panels immediately close into safety position and will automatically clean itself after a storm
  • Smartflower will be safe, in case of house fire
  • Rooftop panels may create risk in case of a house fire
  • Exposed to the elements of weather and storm damage
  • Location choices are vast
  • May be easily installed on rented or owned land
  • Local permits required
  • Requires roof surface, suitable structural integrity, eligible roof slope with proper orientation to the sun
  • Must own property to be installed on roof
  • Local permits required

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