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Smartflower Solar Pricing

Smartflower pricing and cost break down
Thanks for reaching out to Smartflower and recognizing that solar powering your future will cost you less while contributing to a healthier environment.

We love empowering folks with the ability to produce their own clean energy to reduce or eliminate their cost and dependence on fossil fuel burning utilities and their perpetually rising electric rates.

Smartflower owners realize that we not only reinvented solar with our award winning design but that within Smartflower’s compact footprint, created the most efficient and effective solar energy system on the planet.

Smartflower Installed Pricing & Total Costs

Price: $35,000

Cost After 30% Solar Investment Tax Credit: $24,500

Available Local Incentives/Rebates: $0 to $10,000

Schedule a call with a Smartflower representative and find out how you can take advantage of state and local incentives and rebates to further reduce your Smartflower investment.

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How much is the Smartflower?

Thanks for inquiring about the price of the Smartflower. Depending on your location the price can can be further reduced depending on your local state and utility credits, incentives and rebates.

We’re looking to save you as much money as possible and help you live more sustainably.

What Tax Incentives Are Available?

The Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) covers up to 30 percent of the solar power system cost. If you do not expect to owe taxes this year, you can roll over your federal solar tax credit to the following year. The amount of state tax credit or rebate varies by state and will be in included in the custom quote we can provide for you by filling in the form below.

What is the ITC?

ITC, or solar investment tax credit, is a “tax credit for 30% of the solar system cost,” according to Sun Valley Solar. Business owners can take it all in one year, or spread out over five years. For companies that installed solar energy systems, they are eligible for the 30% federal solar investment tax credit.

To be eligible for the ITC, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a tax liability
  • Own the solar system–leased system doesn’t qualify
  • Use solar energy to generate electricity, to heat, to cool or illuminate your facilities

Benefits you can get from the ITC included:

  • Receive a 30% tax credit for solar systems on residential and commercial properties
  • Shorten the time to achieve return on investment

Is the Smartflower Worth The Price?

You’ve known for a long time that solar energy will reduce your electric costs, environmental impact and inspire your neighbors and children. Yet, you haven’t taken advantage of solar energy’s compelling benefits and value. Why? Because you’ve been waiting for a better solar energy solution.

With Smartflower’s dual axis sun tracking capability, sculptural all-in-one design and simple ground mounted installation… the wait is over.

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