SmartFlower Sits Outside a Brown and Yellow Family Home on a Sunny Day

The Rise of Beautiful Solar

Abr 21, 2017

This past February, right before what we assumed to be a restful Presidents’ Day weekend, Tech Insider published a video of the smartflower on their Facebook page that went viral in less than 24 hours. As the video spread frenetically throughout social media feeds and news threads, thanks to the beauty of the “share” button, SmartFlower Solar HQ scrambled to respond to the thousands of emails and phone calls we were suddenly receiving. What does the solar flower do? How much are the solar flowers? Where can I see a solar flower? People were looking for answers and we were looking for the source of our newly-found fame. That’s right; the video was sent into the digital ether unbeknownst to us. 

In the weeks following, the video received more and more views (as of date it is at 89 million views) and our phones continued to ring with eager inquiries. In February, we gave our digital followers the opportunity to see, touch and experience in person this remarkable new piece of green technology at the 67th Annual Rhode Island Home Garden & Flower Garden Show as well as at the Spring Cottage Life Show 2017. The response was overwhelming! For the first time, we had an intelligent home solar system that combines the best industrial science with a beautiful design. One question we received from the crowd repeatedly was, how do I get one? And you may have the same question.

While we are a Boston based start-up, and thus, have a large physical presence in New England, we’re also armed with Sales Directors on the West Coast, Southeast and Caribbean who are helping us build a sales and installation network throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Our first shipments from Austria (where the units are currently manufactured) are being delivered to the States over the course of this week and the next and we’ve got the run-down for you on their end destinations below!

Toronto, Ontario @  Nu-NRG Group       

Southington, Connecticut @ Griffin Electrical Contractors Inc.

Barrington, Illinois @ ilumen PV

Springfield, Missouri @ Sun Solar US

Elizabeth, Colorado @ Green Force Electric

Irvine, California @ Sun Energy

Galt, California @ ADM Electric Co.

SmartFlower Solar is on a mission to raise awareness for Climate Change Action and offer an uniquely effective solar solution that allow homeowners, businesses and municipalities to become more energy independent. Have you seen one yet?

If you have, snap us a selfie using #WhereIsSmartflower and #smartflowerselfie

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