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Everything I needed to know, I Learned During my First Smartflower Consultation

Apr 07, 2017

I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with some of the first people in North America who have expressed interest in owning a smartflower. While I pride myself on having an open mind and subscribing to the notion “we never stop learning”, I keep revisiting my first field visit, as it has taught me much about what attracts homeowners to the smartflower.

For my first visit I drove from Boston, MA to Burlington, CT to support one of our authorized dealers, Griffin Electrical Inc., during a residential consultation with Mr. Mark Eiserman.

Our visit with Mr. Eiserman was enlightening and I have continued to feel the same sentiment in every subsequent in-home consultation.

Like many homeowners, Mr. Eiserman and his wife were initially drawn in by smartflower’s advanced design. However, the appeal of the smartflower runs deeper than aesthetics and sleek design.

Mr. Eiserman told me that he and his wife had explored “going solar” before with a rooftop system. As the parents of two boys, they were tired of high electricity bills that have come to be commonplace throughout the Northeast and also wanted to do their part to eliminate the world’s carbon footprint.

However, Mr. Eiserman and his wife opted out of installing rooftop solar and have actively been searching for a different solution. He worried aloud about the configuration of his roof proving optimal for solar panels as well as the many trees surrounding his home and the expensive prospects of cutting them down.

There was also the potential of not being able to sell their home when the time came and having to eliminate the portion of the market that did not want solar panels on their roof. Mrs. Eiserman said they will likely consider moving within the “next 5 years or so” and are relieved to know that smartflower can easily be transported along with the rest of their belongings.

Ultimately, rooftop solar wasn’t worth the gamble and, like most people, they don’t expect to be in their present home for 25 years.

For me, engaging with prospective smartflower buyers has been both enlightening and enjoyable for a handful of reasons. I have gained an appreciation for the development of green technology and knowing I’m helping to market a product that will allow more people to make a significant contribution to climate change action. Furthermore, selling a product that continuously elicits an exclamatory reaction such as, “Wow! That’s so cool!” has proven to be extremely motivating (even industry veterans tell me they’ve “never seen anything like the smartflower before”). I am now more determined that ever to increase the number of homeowners, universities, municipalities, and businesses who can create their own clean and efficient energy.

Most importantly, I have come to realize that each, individual conversation with a prospective buyer opens my eyes to the many, different benefits and appreciations of the smartflower.

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